Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Teachings of a Three Year Old

    Today has been kind of a hard day, I've just felt like giving up on most everything I was just kind of sick of it all. Like most days I was watching my little 3 year old brother and playing outside with him. We raced some cars down this slope in our sidewalk and played Pirates with some little swords and a vocabulary of "arg" and "captain Jack Sparrow savy". This all made me feel a little bit better and I was taught my first lesson, When you're having a hard time just relax do something silly have fun. So I was feeling kind of better but was still lost in my sad depressed mood. 

          We then walked up to my grandparents to get my sunglasses I'd left there and on the way he fell and scraped his knee. When he had finished crying he said "Braden will you carry me? I don't want to walk anymore." So I scooped him up off the ground where he had fallen and was taught my second lesson, When you are hurt or just can't stand to go anymore ask for a hand and some help. Well we finally got back home and he wanted to ride his lightening McQueen tricycle because he can finally pedal it by himself. He said to me that he wanted to ride it all the way to the top of our neighborhood which is a pretty steep hill for such a lil guy. So we started up and He was doing great but his little legs started to get tired so i'd give him a little push to help him pedal. Just before the top he could hardly go anymore and I asked him if he just wanted to turn around and go back home. This is where he taught me the greatest of the lessons today, he replied to me 
           "No Braden, I just keep pedaling I almost there." Well we made it to the top of the neighborhood and he was exceedingly pleased with his accomplishment as I was with his knowledge and dedication. The Final lesson he taught me was while things are hard and you can hardly go on the end is in sight and all you have to do is "keep pedaling". I'm so grateful to the little guy he really is a blessing from God. He's a little ray of sunshine that just keeps going and stays happy. Thank you Braxton 

-A humbled a grateful older brother

Monday, May 30, 2011

some not so recent or original discoveries

So today I've come to the realizations of many things. None of which are new or something I haven't thought before but they are things worth repeating or just fun to say.
1. Things always get better :)
2. Somethings lost are better off lost, others are better found like your favorite pair of flip flops that is better found. (sidenote thank you to Braxton for finding them even if he hid them in the first place)
3. You can fell so close to someone even if they aren't necessarily close
4. An immaculately clean house is so relaxing but hard to maintain.
5. Disneyland is so close.
6. Gillette you've ripped me off for the last time I'm growing a mountain man beard instead of ripping my face off with your fusion pro-glide that wears out ridiculously fast.
7. You can miss someone that you're texting constantly
8. Your mother can tell you that you are never to wear those cloths again regardless of how old you are (apparently I looked gay today...)
9. oh hey this is a new one, only your mother can say you look like a homo and then ask you if you've kissed a certain girl yet.
10. I actually don't have another one i just needed my list to end on a number with a zero
All of these were brought about by my days activities of cleaning my house to a tweakers clean, thinking of a two people one that can stay lost and one that I hope to see more of. Oh plus my "gay cloths" and i guess I should call it "shaving" although a drunken upside down Edward scissor hands (The original Edward) could have done the same thing. Anyways thank you for letting me compose a strange list with random commentary and to any Gillette CEO's or Twilight Fans reading this publication I truthfully mean everything that was said. Love you two but not really. To the rest of my loyal readers or the lack there of I do love you and hope you enjoyed this post and can relate in someway
-A straight man in gay clothing

Saturday, May 28, 2011

pictures of my baby bro his friend some toys, and the story of the jimmer lookalike that was jimmer

So this post is mostly pictures i took of my bro Braxton and his buddy plus some toys as i tried to be artsy. Anyways now my story. so thursday i went to lunch at magelbys fresh, while standing in line my dad said that guy behind us looks like Jimmer (the BYU player) I turned around and said "wow he really does look like him but he's much too short to be jimmer" my dad agreed and we dismissed the man as a very good look-a-like. Well when this fakes food was called the name they called just happened to be ferdette or however you spell Jimmers last name. With this new info we realized we had made a huge mistake and prayed he hadn't heard us haha i can only imagine what he thought if he did. To Jimmer if you ever read this blog i'm sorry for calling you short i just thought you were taller. Anyways enjoy the pictures and laughing at my idiocy my loyal readers or the lack thereof.
-a man with a camera and poor judge of height 

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Last day of junior year

Today was the last day of school, wow finally it's about time. I'm so glad to finally finish this year its had way too many downs and too few ups. It was a pretty good last day though i have to say, got to say some good byes see people for the last time till next year probably. Also got some new shorts for disneyland that I think are pretty sweet. Speaking of disneyland i can't believe it's only like 9 days away wow time really flies! Oh I almost forgot I had the most awkward experience ever today, you're probably thinking no you didn't but let me tell you. As I was walking to my 7th and final period of this year I had that awkward run in with someone were you both step to the same side, well we both stepped to the same side while still moving forward so we both tip toed to you know not run into each other. Once we were about two inches away from each other we both grabbed each other shoved each other to the side and said "whoa!" For those that can't picture this too well or just want to hear it said yes i almost had my first kiss from a man today, which is an experience I never ever ever want to have yuck! I can only imagine how funny that scene must have looked to the bystanders in the Timpview commons and i hope it brought a laugh and smile into there day as it did mine. But hopefully it didn't bring as much fear and awkwardness as it did mine otherwise I might feel kinda bad. Well thank you for letting me tell you stupid stories goodnight and drive safe loyal readers or the lack there of.
-your rambling rambler of the west

Sunday, May 22, 2011


Today was pretty good, did some weeding in the backyard then went down to the lake, it's amazing how high it's getting already. Today was also my grandpas day of birth so i'd like to take a moment to say, Happy birthday papa! You're a great guy and an amazing example thank you for all you do for me!
It hit me today how close the school year is to being over, dang this year went fast and honestly I'm glad to be done with it probably my worst year of high school. But anyways back to my point we only have 2 real days of school this week! Then it's off to California for disneyland woot woot! I believe the count down is down to 12 days. It'll be by far the most magical disney trip ever I think since my baby bro is 3 it's just the perfect time to go, He's going to love it!

So my aunt Mindy showed me this new strategy game that is so addicting and probably one of the best every, it's called like blockus or something like that i highly recommend this game but be warned it gets heated. Anyways goodnight faithful readers or the lack there of.
- Sincerely the unsincere

1st entry

so it is currently 1am i figure it's an appropriate time to right my first blog post right? i'm not really sure why i am currently awake.... probably just my secret insomnia or maybe the highly caffeinated beverages i partook of at like 10. I have also discovered how much i love pandora oh my gosh how does it just play music i decide i love? Its just making me want more music that i can't have yet darn. Today or i suppose more accurately yesterday was a great day i spent the majority of it at uvu for a medical conference. anyways i can now check blogging and first blog post off my unwritten bucket list. Good morning and good day faithful readers or the lack there of.

p.s. to the existing or non-existing persons or creature reading these narrations they will get better it's just late or early... not sure which is more correct in this case but yeah just take it as a note they will be better eventually, maybe, someday.