Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Last day of junior year

Today was the last day of school, wow finally it's about time. I'm so glad to finally finish this year its had way too many downs and too few ups. It was a pretty good last day though i have to say, got to say some good byes see people for the last time till next year probably. Also got some new shorts for disneyland that I think are pretty sweet. Speaking of disneyland i can't believe it's only like 9 days away wow time really flies! Oh I almost forgot I had the most awkward experience ever today, you're probably thinking no you didn't but let me tell you. As I was walking to my 7th and final period of this year I had that awkward run in with someone were you both step to the same side, well we both stepped to the same side while still moving forward so we both tip toed to you know not run into each other. Once we were about two inches away from each other we both grabbed each other shoved each other to the side and said "whoa!" For those that can't picture this too well or just want to hear it said yes i almost had my first kiss from a man today, which is an experience I never ever ever want to have yuck! I can only imagine how funny that scene must have looked to the bystanders in the Timpview commons and i hope it brought a laugh and smile into there day as it did mine. But hopefully it didn't bring as much fear and awkwardness as it did mine otherwise I might feel kinda bad. Well thank you for letting me tell you stupid stories goodnight and drive safe loyal readers or the lack there of.
-your rambling rambler of the west

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