Saturday, May 28, 2011

pictures of my baby bro his friend some toys, and the story of the jimmer lookalike that was jimmer

So this post is mostly pictures i took of my bro Braxton and his buddy plus some toys as i tried to be artsy. Anyways now my story. so thursday i went to lunch at magelbys fresh, while standing in line my dad said that guy behind us looks like Jimmer (the BYU player) I turned around and said "wow he really does look like him but he's much too short to be jimmer" my dad agreed and we dismissed the man as a very good look-a-like. Well when this fakes food was called the name they called just happened to be ferdette or however you spell Jimmers last name. With this new info we realized we had made a huge mistake and prayed he hadn't heard us haha i can only imagine what he thought if he did. To Jimmer if you ever read this blog i'm sorry for calling you short i just thought you were taller. Anyways enjoy the pictures and laughing at my idiocy my loyal readers or the lack thereof.
-a man with a camera and poor judge of height 

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