Monday, May 30, 2011

some not so recent or original discoveries

So today I've come to the realizations of many things. None of which are new or something I haven't thought before but they are things worth repeating or just fun to say.
1. Things always get better :)
2. Somethings lost are better off lost, others are better found like your favorite pair of flip flops that is better found. (sidenote thank you to Braxton for finding them even if he hid them in the first place)
3. You can fell so close to someone even if they aren't necessarily close
4. An immaculately clean house is so relaxing but hard to maintain.
5. Disneyland is so close.
6. Gillette you've ripped me off for the last time I'm growing a mountain man beard instead of ripping my face off with your fusion pro-glide that wears out ridiculously fast.
7. You can miss someone that you're texting constantly
8. Your mother can tell you that you are never to wear those cloths again regardless of how old you are (apparently I looked gay today...)
9. oh hey this is a new one, only your mother can say you look like a homo and then ask you if you've kissed a certain girl yet.
10. I actually don't have another one i just needed my list to end on a number with a zero
All of these were brought about by my days activities of cleaning my house to a tweakers clean, thinking of a two people one that can stay lost and one that I hope to see more of. Oh plus my "gay cloths" and i guess I should call it "shaving" although a drunken upside down Edward scissor hands (The original Edward) could have done the same thing. Anyways thank you for letting me compose a strange list with random commentary and to any Gillette CEO's or Twilight Fans reading this publication I truthfully mean everything that was said. Love you two but not really. To the rest of my loyal readers or the lack there of I do love you and hope you enjoyed this post and can relate in someway
-A straight man in gay clothing


  1. Don't grow a mountain man beard.....

  2. oh i won't haha i hate beards bleh i just need to find a better razor