Sunday, May 22, 2011


Today was pretty good, did some weeding in the backyard then went down to the lake, it's amazing how high it's getting already. Today was also my grandpas day of birth so i'd like to take a moment to say, Happy birthday papa! You're a great guy and an amazing example thank you for all you do for me!
It hit me today how close the school year is to being over, dang this year went fast and honestly I'm glad to be done with it probably my worst year of high school. But anyways back to my point we only have 2 real days of school this week! Then it's off to California for disneyland woot woot! I believe the count down is down to 12 days. It'll be by far the most magical disney trip ever I think since my baby bro is 3 it's just the perfect time to go, He's going to love it!

So my aunt Mindy showed me this new strategy game that is so addicting and probably one of the best every, it's called like blockus or something like that i highly recommend this game but be warned it gets heated. Anyways goodnight faithful readers or the lack there of.
- Sincerely the unsincere

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