Thursday, June 30, 2011

trapped inside

trapped inside by bradenm777
trapped inside, a photo by bradenm777 on Flickr.

So i've decided on a project to do, i want to take pictures of someones eye and then a picture of them expressing an emotion/doing something/ whatever they want to express themselves. then put them inside their eye. it's not the most original idea ever but i think it's pretty cool still. so if you would be ok with me doing that to you let me know :) comment on here or contact me by emailing me even if you don't know me if you'd be ok with it i'd love to thank you my loyal readers/future models or the lack thereof
-sincerely "a sad strange little man"
p.s. not that i'm an angery person or a murder i just thought that might look cool in an eye and it allowed me to really use the name "trapped inside" for this project now i just need to capture other things trapped inside haha whatever it may be

Monday, June 27, 2011

only my eye

only my eye by bradenm777
only my eye, a photo by bradenm777 on Flickr.

this is my favorite picture just because it looks cool and maybe it too says alot it probably does but idk anyways thanks for letting me babble my loyal readers or the lack thereof
-sincerely the eyes will tell

eye without color

eye without color by bradenm777
eye without color, a photo by bradenm777 on Flickr.

I feel this caught my feelings exactly even better than the last one and yes i took the color completely out for a few reasons it looks cool and i felt it spoke well

my eye

my eye by bradenm777
my eye, a photo by bradenm777 on Flickr.

i feel this one caught alot of how i'm feeling maybe you can read it maybe you can't i also brought out the green in my eye just to make it prettier


You know that corny saying eyes are the gateway, window, doorway, etc. to the soul? well i for one have always believed it i love just looking at peoples eyes. They say so much about a person. Today has been kind of a tough day so i wanted to see what my eyes said so i took some pictures and then played with them a bit and if you don't mind i'd like to show you some of them oh apparently flickr posts them by themselves i'll write what i was going to on the photos themselves.....

my eye pure

my eye pure by bradenm777
my eye pure, a photo by bradenm777 on Flickr.

this is my eye unedited just normal how it looks

Sunday, June 26, 2011

The weekend

This weekend was a pretty good one. I hungout with a friend on saturday at bridal veil which was way fun I have a few pictures from that posted on my flickr account that i strongly suggest you check out. Then today i've just been sitting around playing on flickr and exploring it's many adventures i skipped out on church on account of feeling sick. I am feeling better i'm just having ridiculous hot and cold flashes. I must say though lounging about in my plaid pjs and a shirt that's too small has been relaxing however i don't really have anything fun to write about haha so anyways thanks for reading my loyal readers or the lack there of.
-sincerely a burning icicle of a person

Thursday, June 23, 2011

questions & answers

So I'd like to began with something completely off topic but I set up a flickr account finally and you know if you're bored or something or just want to be a pal or friendly stranger go ahead and check it out yeah?

Ok now onto the real post yes? I'd like to first ask a question to myself or whoever it is that reads this silliness, (is that really how it's spelled?) that's not the question. The real question is what is more important the question or the answer? From this I'd like to expand and ask another question what is more important the journey to the answer or just the answer? and finally the last of this ridiculousness is an answer even valid to you without understanding?

So I don't know what you answer or what your opinions are but I'm going to pretend they are exactly the same as mine for the sake of the continuation of this post. However feel free to ponder all this on your own or use my thoughts that are about to follow to maybe help guide you, just cause it helps sometimes ya know? So I believe answers are very insignificant in life. Questions are all that truly matter, now I know you're like um you're an idiot but slow down turbo let me explain geez patience ;) (yes sometimes i talk to myself pretending to talk to you) As I said answers are nothing because all they are is more questions incognito. I believe the journey the process is more important than what the end result is, I'm one of those  people that starts on something and once the answer is insight i'm done because i've learned what i can and the answer teaches me little it just gives me the beginning of my next journey through questioning.

So this is what I ponder is there an end? are all things infinite? Are our minds ever truly content with anything? Once you ask a question does there even really need to be an answer? or do you just move onto the question that question lead you to? can you be happy with an end when you really think about it? I don't mean stupid things like 2+2=4 obviously there is a defined answer and if you're taking it farther you're stoned and think you're being smart but you aren't so stop it and stop lighting up while you're at stopping goofy habits. Anyways something like a question that there is a defined answer but is that really where it stops. However most of these lead to theological debates and I'd like to just say all theology is good and has truth to the theist. I believe all theology provides questions for one to ponder and helps guide them to answers they seek, I don't know that I believe you ever get solid definite answers because there seems to always be a question that follows. I do believe when it comes to religion there is one true one, however all religion and theology is good and can bring you truth. But i don't think it gives you definite answers as i said before, i truly believe it is here to help us explore and question things, I know I'm being repetitive bare with me this is my process of understanding my own mind which is a challenge even for me so feel free to stop reading at anytime haha i'm just trying to gather my thoughts by writing them. So i believe you can't come to a defined answer  so that brings the question is asking a question enough? I don't think it is i think you must ask and seek to find as you seek to find it brings light to the question but it leads to more that will expand your thoughts and allow more questions, you may find the answer but does that even matter? you've discovered more things bigger things the answer in the long run of things is small and insignificant because you are onto bigger and better things so to speak, i think i'm just going to end this sorry it makes no sense probably haha i hope if anything it let you question things and ponder and meditate it helped me but i also knew what i was talking about hte whole time anyways this has been an adventure for me at least
good luck to all that have made it this far sorry to have confused you if i did and sorry for wasting your time haha
-sincerely someone who thinks to much without getting anywhere

oh hey realization i'm never going to be satisfied with an answer of any kind am i? because i love the journey of the question more awww hey this did work ha i figured it out for myself woot!

-sincerely someone who thinks to much but for once got somewhere with it

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

life is strange

So I find it strange, you may ask what? Well life and many things in it. One example, when eventful events happen in my life I don't feel like actually writing something that might be interesting..... yet when nothing is happening and it's just boring ol' life I'm like hey how about I write a blog or whatever you call postings. Another thing why can some people just pop in and out of your life? I saw an ex/ on off friend for a short time today and I'm like why do I not talk to you all the time still? It was so fun to just sing Ben Folds "army" together and then just talk but I know in a couple weeks we probably won't really talk that much again and it won't even cross my mind.
To said friend cause I think you read this stuff, I would love to still be friends but we do seem on off again ya know?
Next how did my parents manage to pull this crazy thing we call life and home together? It was my moms Birthday today and it made me think about like how old I am and what they were doing when they were this age. It makes me so grateful that a couple of 17-18 year old kids could stick together and make things work years down the road at the age of 36 still be together be successful and have 4 children, I just think about how I am now and just can't imagine having a kid and that kind of responsibility yet.
Also just how on earth can one smile lead to so much? I don't know if anyone else has had that experience but one smile truly can change so much.
Anyways onto more shallow subjects like for example PF changs shrimp and candied walnuts..... AWWWWWWW it was to die for! believe me that was one of the best meals of my life! It's so sweet and delicious, there is such harmony in the shrimp taste with the sweet sauce and sweet taste of the candied walnuts. PF changs hands down one of my favorites. Also I don't know what it is but when the sky is really blue and the clouds are pink I absolutely love that it happened today and I just stared forever I wish I would have had my camera. Oh forgot about this but I got a fortune at pf changs I like alot hehe I have some ideas what it might be but guess we just have to see huh? It says "Be prepared to receive something special within the week." whatever it is I'm excited who doesn't love special things right?
anyways Life is strange but it's that awkward kind of strange I just want to be around.
Thanks for reading my loyal readers or the lack there of
-Sincerely One who prefers the strange to the norm

Monday, June 20, 2011


So Today I got an email from youtube, it informed me some one had commented on something I said and as a result I decided to look at the video. I've always wanted to be one of the most thumbs upped comments on a video and today is that day BAM! check it out yeah the comment was kind of edgy and unoriginal but hey it worked! Next on my youtube bucket list go viral.... hmmm maybe I should just sing a terrible song about a month? or a holiday? any suggestions? I think maybe i'll just write some silly bucket list stuff and ramble a bit anyways
oh and these are in no particular order just whatever came into my mind
1. Get death threats for dating a celeb (not one i count on but if the chance comes i will take it)
2. participate in a riot
3. Drive a really fast car on a track
4. sky dive/basejump/glider suit
5. be a stunt man
6. ride the fastest roller coaster in the world
7. Get a promotional something to try out for free and use it for a different purpose
8. Say a line in a movie
9. stage dive i've been crowd surfing so that's just the next step up right?
10. complete a weird food challenge like eat a 12 pound burger you know something nasty but you can say you've done it
11. When I have white hair be santa claus for halloween (only time i'll ever grow a big beard)
12. give a monkey a high five
13. this ones silly but i want to give agent P from phenius and ferb a hug so someone buy a perry the platypus suit and make my day?
14. be a paparazzi for a day
15. travel the world
16. work for national geographic (probably another one that won't happen but one can dream)
17. live somewhere crazy for two years (yes that was a subtle plea to go somewhere crazy for my mission)
18. be on a box of cereal or cover of a magizine or just something like that
19. break a world record
20. this is more of a daily one that applies always but make someones day :)
21. Be one of the costume people at disneyland (come on wouldn't that be the most magical thing ever when a little kid ran up to you with their little book and huge smile?)
22. be in a plane when it breaks the sound barrier
23. skip across water like a rock (I am prepared for the pain.... or i'll keep telling myself i am)
24. try to run on water (I haven't done this cause honestly i'm kind of embarrassed to but since i've told well whoever is reading this i guess i should jsut go for it now)
25. Be on a tv show
26. be on a jury or at least called in to jury duty i don't really care if i'm actually on the jury
27. be on an infomertial and say how great it is while i shake my head no.
28. punch a shark
29. i'll never ever ever do this so i guess it doesn't count but be in a high speed car chase haha it just sounds kind of exciting but i won't do it don't worry
30. see someone beat someone up and then I'll go knock them out
31. Slap ceos of oil companies right in the face!
32. Learn how they do egg/sperm/cell counts (i assume they take a small area and then just multiply but you never know for sure until you learn)
33. Learn parkour
34. Learn how to dive like a pro
35. learn and memorize lots of oragami (i have a few things down already)
36. collect a ton of cool but useless talents (i just didn't want to list the many things i want to be able to do)
37. write a popular blog (as you can see i'm failing at that)
38. write a book
39. have a book written about me
40. end this list
Hey i can cross that last one off! haha well of you are reading this you made it through that entire list and i congratulate you! if you skipped it and just came down here you fail start over or stop reading this post. Anyways thank you for reading if you know how i can finish any of these please tell me love all you loyal readers and also love the lack thereof which ever category you fall into I love you........ at least a little.
-Sincerely The top thumbed up comment on Smooth

Sunday, June 19, 2011


Happy birthday beautiful Girl! :) I hope it's been a good one, and I hope all your wishes whatever they maybe come true. I just want to take a moment because I can and no one can say anything cause it's my blog to thank you for all you've done you've really helped me with so much, and all the adventures we've had. Just I want to say thank you for being one of my best friends ever not just now but our whole friendship you really have been amazing and here for me. You're an amazing soul with so many talents and you're so kind I'm so lucky to know you and I will never ever forget you, I love you Maren have an amazing Birthday!
-Your Friend Braden Messick

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

disneyland/name change

So I got back from california on saturday oh man that was a much needed vacation! I loved every second of it especially the beach mmmm it's a slice of heaven, from that taste of salt on your lips from the first wave of the day to the eventual rope burn you get on your hip from tying your draw string to tight. We went to newport and santa monica beach and newport is still my all time favorite it's just so perfect, although i did want to ride the rides on the pier at santa monica. Oh well I will someday. The best thing about santa monica beach (aka the original muscle beach) is all the crazy extreme balance people that was way fun to watch. But the waves of newport beat it all plus being buried in the sand was way cool i loved it. Its surprisingly relaxing and comfortable haha though having sand thrown in my eyes by my baby bro and cousin Owen wasnt too cool. Anyways on to Disneyland! As always disneyland was enjoyable but what made it so awesome this time was for sure Braxton and Owen, if you get the chance to go there with 2 and 3 year olds seize it and don't let go it is the most magical thing of all time! They were so cute with everything from pirates to dumbo to scooby doo mystery aka haunted mansion. The new rides at disney were great toystory mania so fun go on it the wait is worth it hopefully fast pass will be coming soon, arials adventure was cute, and the new star tours so good but not worth more than a 20 minute wait you should go fast pass route on that one. Oh and the new show world of colors? Go to it holy goodness of all goodness that was the coolest thing i've ever seen in my life! imaginers or however they spell it you have out done yourselves and you are not paid enough for what you do which is literally create magic and dreams!  The final thing on disneyland reconnecting with old friends or making new ones is great it's crazy who you see there. Plus this vacation put everything that was bugging me in my last post to rest everything got worked out and i am so happy :) God really does listen and cares. Oh ok last thing about the vacation the food was incredible! anyone in the anaheim area has to go to el torito grill and el torito something or other and get anything with the carnitas it is literally the best thing you will eat in your whole life. It is truly what i want my tongue to taste right before i die. I was brought to tears at the dinner table at how amazing they were even now... hold on i need a minute.......... mmmmm so good so very very good. Made by the hands of angels and savored by me every single bite.
(done with that pics will follow sometime when it's not 3 in the morning and i'm not feeling lazy)

So name change if you noticed, if you're even reading my narrations and interpretations..... um ok that is the new name i like it more done haha two changes in one night success? I think yes! anyways good morning my 2 followers (i just learned you could see who follows you..... don't judge) and loyal readers that remain nameless or the lack of faithful followers and or nameless readers.
-Your insomniac buddy