Tuesday, June 14, 2011

disneyland/name change

So I got back from california on saturday oh man that was a much needed vacation! I loved every second of it especially the beach mmmm it's a slice of heaven, from that taste of salt on your lips from the first wave of the day to the eventual rope burn you get on your hip from tying your draw string to tight. We went to newport and santa monica beach and newport is still my all time favorite it's just so perfect, although i did want to ride the rides on the pier at santa monica. Oh well I will someday. The best thing about santa monica beach (aka the original muscle beach) is all the crazy extreme balance people that was way fun to watch. But the waves of newport beat it all plus being buried in the sand was way cool i loved it. Its surprisingly relaxing and comfortable haha though having sand thrown in my eyes by my baby bro and cousin Owen wasnt too cool. Anyways on to Disneyland! As always disneyland was enjoyable but what made it so awesome this time was for sure Braxton and Owen, if you get the chance to go there with 2 and 3 year olds seize it and don't let go it is the most magical thing of all time! They were so cute with everything from pirates to dumbo to scooby doo mystery aka haunted mansion. The new rides at disney were great toystory mania so fun go on it the wait is worth it hopefully fast pass will be coming soon, arials adventure was cute, and the new star tours so good but not worth more than a 20 minute wait you should go fast pass route on that one. Oh and the new show world of colors? Go to it holy goodness of all goodness that was the coolest thing i've ever seen in my life! imaginers or however they spell it you have out done yourselves and you are not paid enough for what you do which is literally create magic and dreams!  The final thing on disneyland reconnecting with old friends or making new ones is great it's crazy who you see there. Plus this vacation put everything that was bugging me in my last post to rest everything got worked out and i am so happy :) God really does listen and cares. Oh ok last thing about the vacation the food was incredible! anyone in the anaheim area has to go to el torito grill and el torito something or other and get anything with the carnitas it is literally the best thing you will eat in your whole life. It is truly what i want my tongue to taste right before i die. I was brought to tears at the dinner table at how amazing they were even now... hold on i need a minute.......... mmmmm so good so very very good. Made by the hands of angels and savored by me every single bite.
(done with that pics will follow sometime when it's not 3 in the morning and i'm not feeling lazy)

So name change if you noticed, if you're even reading my narrations and interpretations..... um ok that is the new name i like it more done haha two changes in one night success? I think yes! anyways good morning my 2 followers (i just learned you could see who follows you..... don't judge) and loyal readers that remain nameless or the lack of faithful followers and or nameless readers.
-Your insomniac buddy

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