Thursday, June 23, 2011

questions & answers

So I'd like to began with something completely off topic but I set up a flickr account finally and you know if you're bored or something or just want to be a pal or friendly stranger go ahead and check it out yeah?

Ok now onto the real post yes? I'd like to first ask a question to myself or whoever it is that reads this silliness, (is that really how it's spelled?) that's not the question. The real question is what is more important the question or the answer? From this I'd like to expand and ask another question what is more important the journey to the answer or just the answer? and finally the last of this ridiculousness is an answer even valid to you without understanding?

So I don't know what you answer or what your opinions are but I'm going to pretend they are exactly the same as mine for the sake of the continuation of this post. However feel free to ponder all this on your own or use my thoughts that are about to follow to maybe help guide you, just cause it helps sometimes ya know? So I believe answers are very insignificant in life. Questions are all that truly matter, now I know you're like um you're an idiot but slow down turbo let me explain geez patience ;) (yes sometimes i talk to myself pretending to talk to you) As I said answers are nothing because all they are is more questions incognito. I believe the journey the process is more important than what the end result is, I'm one of those  people that starts on something and once the answer is insight i'm done because i've learned what i can and the answer teaches me little it just gives me the beginning of my next journey through questioning.

So this is what I ponder is there an end? are all things infinite? Are our minds ever truly content with anything? Once you ask a question does there even really need to be an answer? or do you just move onto the question that question lead you to? can you be happy with an end when you really think about it? I don't mean stupid things like 2+2=4 obviously there is a defined answer and if you're taking it farther you're stoned and think you're being smart but you aren't so stop it and stop lighting up while you're at stopping goofy habits. Anyways something like a question that there is a defined answer but is that really where it stops. However most of these lead to theological debates and I'd like to just say all theology is good and has truth to the theist. I believe all theology provides questions for one to ponder and helps guide them to answers they seek, I don't know that I believe you ever get solid definite answers because there seems to always be a question that follows. I do believe when it comes to religion there is one true one, however all religion and theology is good and can bring you truth. But i don't think it gives you definite answers as i said before, i truly believe it is here to help us explore and question things, I know I'm being repetitive bare with me this is my process of understanding my own mind which is a challenge even for me so feel free to stop reading at anytime haha i'm just trying to gather my thoughts by writing them. So i believe you can't come to a defined answer  so that brings the question is asking a question enough? I don't think it is i think you must ask and seek to find as you seek to find it brings light to the question but it leads to more that will expand your thoughts and allow more questions, you may find the answer but does that even matter? you've discovered more things bigger things the answer in the long run of things is small and insignificant because you are onto bigger and better things so to speak, i think i'm just going to end this sorry it makes no sense probably haha i hope if anything it let you question things and ponder and meditate it helped me but i also knew what i was talking about hte whole time anyways this has been an adventure for me at least
good luck to all that have made it this far sorry to have confused you if i did and sorry for wasting your time haha
-sincerely someone who thinks to much without getting anywhere

oh hey realization i'm never going to be satisfied with an answer of any kind am i? because i love the journey of the question more awww hey this did work ha i figured it out for myself woot!

-sincerely someone who thinks to much but for once got somewhere with it

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