Monday, June 20, 2011


So Today I got an email from youtube, it informed me some one had commented on something I said and as a result I decided to look at the video. I've always wanted to be one of the most thumbs upped comments on a video and today is that day BAM! check it out yeah the comment was kind of edgy and unoriginal but hey it worked! Next on my youtube bucket list go viral.... hmmm maybe I should just sing a terrible song about a month? or a holiday? any suggestions? I think maybe i'll just write some silly bucket list stuff and ramble a bit anyways
oh and these are in no particular order just whatever came into my mind
1. Get death threats for dating a celeb (not one i count on but if the chance comes i will take it)
2. participate in a riot
3. Drive a really fast car on a track
4. sky dive/basejump/glider suit
5. be a stunt man
6. ride the fastest roller coaster in the world
7. Get a promotional something to try out for free and use it for a different purpose
8. Say a line in a movie
9. stage dive i've been crowd surfing so that's just the next step up right?
10. complete a weird food challenge like eat a 12 pound burger you know something nasty but you can say you've done it
11. When I have white hair be santa claus for halloween (only time i'll ever grow a big beard)
12. give a monkey a high five
13. this ones silly but i want to give agent P from phenius and ferb a hug so someone buy a perry the platypus suit and make my day?
14. be a paparazzi for a day
15. travel the world
16. work for national geographic (probably another one that won't happen but one can dream)
17. live somewhere crazy for two years (yes that was a subtle plea to go somewhere crazy for my mission)
18. be on a box of cereal or cover of a magizine or just something like that
19. break a world record
20. this is more of a daily one that applies always but make someones day :)
21. Be one of the costume people at disneyland (come on wouldn't that be the most magical thing ever when a little kid ran up to you with their little book and huge smile?)
22. be in a plane when it breaks the sound barrier
23. skip across water like a rock (I am prepared for the pain.... or i'll keep telling myself i am)
24. try to run on water (I haven't done this cause honestly i'm kind of embarrassed to but since i've told well whoever is reading this i guess i should jsut go for it now)
25. Be on a tv show
26. be on a jury or at least called in to jury duty i don't really care if i'm actually on the jury
27. be on an infomertial and say how great it is while i shake my head no.
28. punch a shark
29. i'll never ever ever do this so i guess it doesn't count but be in a high speed car chase haha it just sounds kind of exciting but i won't do it don't worry
30. see someone beat someone up and then I'll go knock them out
31. Slap ceos of oil companies right in the face!
32. Learn how they do egg/sperm/cell counts (i assume they take a small area and then just multiply but you never know for sure until you learn)
33. Learn parkour
34. Learn how to dive like a pro
35. learn and memorize lots of oragami (i have a few things down already)
36. collect a ton of cool but useless talents (i just didn't want to list the many things i want to be able to do)
37. write a popular blog (as you can see i'm failing at that)
38. write a book
39. have a book written about me
40. end this list
Hey i can cross that last one off! haha well of you are reading this you made it through that entire list and i congratulate you! if you skipped it and just came down here you fail start over or stop reading this post. Anyways thank you for reading if you know how i can finish any of these please tell me love all you loyal readers and also love the lack thereof which ever category you fall into I love you........ at least a little.
-Sincerely The top thumbed up comment on Smooth

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