Thursday, June 30, 2011

trapped inside

trapped inside by bradenm777
trapped inside, a photo by bradenm777 on Flickr.

So i've decided on a project to do, i want to take pictures of someones eye and then a picture of them expressing an emotion/doing something/ whatever they want to express themselves. then put them inside their eye. it's not the most original idea ever but i think it's pretty cool still. so if you would be ok with me doing that to you let me know :) comment on here or contact me by emailing me even if you don't know me if you'd be ok with it i'd love to thank you my loyal readers/future models or the lack thereof
-sincerely "a sad strange little man"
p.s. not that i'm an angery person or a murder i just thought that might look cool in an eye and it allowed me to really use the name "trapped inside" for this project now i just need to capture other things trapped inside haha whatever it may be

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