Saturday, July 16, 2011

Dads new job and today

So yesterday we found out that my dad dies indeed have the new job in north Dakota. We've spent the last few days getting him already for the job and time away from home. We had to switch his Phone to Verizon so I was lucky enough to inherate his old iPhone which is actually what I'm using to write this haha I kinda love it. But it is going to be hard not to see him for such long periods of time but it's such a great job too good to pass up. I know that god will be watching over him as well as us during the times he's gone.

Anyways today, so my fan went to see hp7 while I watched Braxton cause he doesn't sit through movies so well. We began our adventure at the university mall specifically the Disney store where we spent like an hOur haha it was so fun and so cute to see him get so excited about all the fun stuff. The next exciting event would have to be Tucanos. We went there for dads last meal of sorts, it was so delicious but I ate way tOo much I almost lost it in the barhroom. But man that is such a fun experience.

Anyways the rest if the day was pretty stressful just getting all the last minute stuff ready and I must say I am kind of scared but it's gonna be fun and exciting I do love change it's a good thing typically. Anyways thanks for letting me tell you about my day you're al awesome
Sincerely one rather impressed with his iPhone typing skills

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