Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Excavation of my mouth and the littlest things

So today I got my wisdom teeth out the doctor wanted sone pearly whites and well he struck pay gums. The place was called utah surgical arts so i'd like to believe that my teeth are now a part of some abstract modern art sculpture making a statement about sooety no one understands. Or maybe just part of the eiffel tower or the leaning tower of pisa thatll do doc thatll do It was pretty great loved the going under feels so relaxing, tue surgery itself went well. Well I assume it went well cause I have four lovely holes in this mouth of mine. But in all reality I suppose I dont know that it went well. Anyways I woke up and was good to go but they made me ride in a wheelchair which bugged me cause I hate riding in one when I can walk just fine. I can feel my face again which is great took some loratab and I'm feeling great but it's not really that, that made me feel so good it's just well the little things....

It's amazing to me te healing power a friend can have, just coming to visit you bringing with them a smile that melts your heart, just resting her head on your shoulder, holding your hand with her tiny little hands thT are just te best. I felt so much better after that visit nothing big happened but the greatest things are truly just te little things holding hands, a tight hug and getting a kiss on the cheek :) thank you for all the little things I'm on top of the world!

Thanks for listening my readers or the lack thereof have a great night love you all

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