Friday, October 7, 2011

current um currentness?

So I've been in like the best mood ever for like a week now! It's freaking fantastic. I think I've finally figured out how to keep myself happy, I need to keep the big picture in mind not just what i may want in the moment. Also I've found riding the 3rd wave helps so much just cause it's so happy and fun and i probably let music run my life too much but it really helps to keep me happy (3rd wave refers to the 3rd wave movement of ska, this started in the 80's and 90's mostly ska punk with fun beats and such. known to some as skunk but I feel mostly just posers call it that.) Anyways yeah I find listening to some happy tunes singing and skankin' (ska dance you dirty bird) about just keep me so happy. Oh with the singing thing one of my best friends totally made my week the other day, we went to get some pizza for lunch and I typically sing along to the radio in the car i don't really care who listens, but this day my buddy looked at me and proclaimed "Braden you should be in chorus or Acapella" puzzled i asked why and he told me "you're just a really great singer" Aw man made me feel so good. I'm so ready to be done with school but have the rest of the year but hey it'll be fun right? I just have to keep an optimistic few which I used to always have i don't know where it has gone in the last 6 months but yeah. Oh and my car will be fixed sooooon woot woot and i'll be 18 hmmm don't know how i feel about that part.... "Adulthood" starts in what is it now sad i don't even know when my birthday is and the date is no where to be found.... well soon the 11th. I need to register to Vote! how interesting me a small voice in the government. I could get used to this i can feel the small gain in power already mwahhahaha. Oh so random tangent that is only actually a tangent for me cause you guys aren't hearing the commercial right now but pretend you're following this. So McD's says odds of winning (just a free little something not one of the big huge prices) are 1 in 4 on their little monopoly game thingy. Well today me and my buddies got some McD's for Breakfast we had 16 of those pull tab things so if the odds are really 25% of the time we should have for sure won at least one free burger or something know what we got? 4 reading railroad tabs, 2 of the green pieces, 2  Illinois avenue and 1 of the other red pieces, 3 park places, 3 oriental avenues, and 1 other railroad piece. soo yeah what the hell is that about? odds of getting RR 1 in four, odds of getting any free sandwich apparently 1 in 4 for most but not even 1 in 16 for me.... yeah oh well i'm done with that now. Anyways i'm off to enjoy my friday night have a wonderful weekend my dear sweet chickadees
-Your Loving chickadude

Monday, October 3, 2011

I'm alive

So it's been forever and a day since I've posted something mostly just because of school, you know how that is. This post isn't going to be very long either just not in a writing kinda mood but i want to get back in the habit. Major happenings since I last posted hmmmm my car got wrecked (not my fault and all parties are fine) I can tape an injured ankle, transfer calls at Timpview, and got some new in my opinion very sexy jeans and thats all I can really think of. I'll leave you with a picture and let you fond meaning in it, sorry it's an iPhone captured image so not the best but deal with it.Just kidding I can't upload them from my phone... Well thanks for reading my loyal bloggites
-you're loving master (haha yes I signed off that way)