Monday, January 30, 2012

Big News

So i've actually got news for once wow! So First I got a job finally wow ahhh! it's a really funny story though because i wasn't even trying to get it. i'll explain, so my brother wanted to go to this group interview thing at coldstone but needed a ride so i took him being the nice brother i am and while i was there i decided you know what i'm just going to join this group interview. So i did that and there was a total of 53 yes 53! other people, we went around and said our names and something to remember us by and i said that i scooped ice cream like unto a god. after we did that we went around and did a talent i sang a snippet of marvin gaye's lets get it on. Anyway long story short...ish i got the job! The training day was crazy because there were 8 of us all training at the same time but i'm excited to start for real which i will do on the 1st wow so soon!

Secondly i started taking a film photography class which i freaking love, i love having artsy classes it just lets me release my creative artsy side and basically my whole schedule is art classes so in my spare time i've been making a sculpture with a repurposed combination lock, when i finish it i'll put pictures up, then little doodles here  and there maybe i'll put some up i don't know. they're on my facebook already. but anyways with the film class i love it because i just love photography and i developed my first roll of film today and the negatives turned out stupendous! It's really scary not seeing your photos right away but man they were worth the wait. Working in the little bag was not as hard as i thought it would be, maybe i would make an ok blind person... hmmm... though i almost cut my finger off so maybe not. i'll probably throw some prints on here when i actually get them so be excited for that anyway i think thats all the news so maybe it's not that big but it's big for me :)
Thanks for your interest or disinterest
-yours truly a closet "artist"

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