Tuesday, May 22, 2012

life or something to that effect

Alright so I don't know what to write but I'm sitting here doing nothing waiting for laundry, so I might as well write a blog post right? Ok so I just got home from work and i realized i don't have clean close for tomorrow so that's why I am doing that this late. I feel like all I ever do now is work or school and I'm losing touch with myself. This week we had a lesson in church about the importance of keeping a journal and i realized that would really help me so much just because it doesn't have to be huge long epics, or narratives. It can just be something to quickly take an introspective look at myself and let it all out. For now I think my blog will serve that purpose but i would like to start keeping a real journal soon and as i am graduating on thursday (awww life is crazy fast) I feel i will have more time to do so or at least its one of my goals.

Work tonight was surprisingly good, typically tuesdays are one of the worst days to work because it is DEAD. Tuesdays are the shot, drowned, and eaten by a shark kind of dead, there is literally no coming back. However tonight we had a nice amount of people I have no idea why but I'm grateful for it. Not only did we have an acceptable amount of patrons but they were generous too! I left with 7.50 in tips which is almost a weekend and a nice change from praying to get at least a dollar by the end of a tuesday. Also I built my cake for graduation which is one of my favorite things to do i love building cakes no idea why but I do. But my favorite is making sundaes because that is when you can be truly artistic at work (ok not really you don't have a lot of freedom but you can at least make it look really pretty and photo worthy) and I got to make two of them tonight! after handing one of them to the customer and apologizing because it didn't meet my high standards of how it should look, he gave me a puzzled look and said "damn boy i was saying you should be an artist! it looks incredible." I know he was probably saying that just to be nice but i'll take it sense I really do think i want to be an artist specifically a photographer which brings me to my next topic.

I finished up my portfolio for my commercial photography class and i feel like it's ok but i really want to make it better and get a Digital portfolio made since that is more practical is this modern technological world even if it's not as artistic. But I'd like to share with you one of my recent hybrid photos that i am very proud of. Now i realize hybrid photo sounds weird so i will explain. This photo is a scanned negative that i took and edited in photoshop. so i have the artistic aspect of using the 35mm camera which i prefer and then modern editing as i'm poor and i don't think my parents would approve of me making an unventilated dark room in their home. Anyway oldschool with the newshcool here it is let me know what you think love it, hate it, what you like, what you would change etc.
anyway my laundry is done now so it's off to bed goodnight internet world

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