Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Goblin Valley

So on monday i went to goblin valley with some co-workers. at first i was kinda like welllll it's something to do but its goblin valley so really how fun can it be? i've never really loved goblin valley since honestly there isn't a ton to do there. So on the way down i tried to convince the guy that organized it that we should go to arches instead. I almost pulled it off but in the end we went to goblin valley. So i decided what the heck might as well enjoy the adventure. We started out by looking for this cave to do silhouette pictures and well long story short we didn't find it instead we ended up on the top of a plateau which had an incredible view! plus it was an epic hike up. so this first picture is a panoramic with mr. watabe in it and that is the view we had plus the other two it was just amazing.

next we had to get down which me and andy had a fun time with because we are comfortable climbers but the girls had a hard time in fact i thought they might kill us. so when we finally got down we decided to head back to the car for lunch. but then we found a deep cave so of course we had to explore. We crawled it and could see light coming from somewhere but there was a dark stretch so we turned on my iphone light and pushed forward and found a huge empty hollow with a hole in the ceiling which the light was coming from. we called this our club house and started talking and carving our names into the secret walls. we stayed here for probably an hour glad to be out of the heat then carried on back to the car for lunch. after lunch it was back out to explore and we finally found the cave for silhouettes :D sadly my camera died so no pictures of that but it was fun. 

Next we decided to look for more caves or cool canyons. however it was sooo hot so we found a shady canyon and then we all fell asleep for about an hour. once we all woke up fresh it was time to continue and we found an excellent huge canyon with many forks to explore! the girls waited back while me and andy climbed up to see if it was as good as it looked. as we entered we noticed two pairs of shoes.... strange but continued then we saw the four feet they belonged to, on top of each other... rocking gently back and forth.... yeah we just walked in on people having what appeared to be outdoor sex or hardcore make out session. so we turned around and came out with funny looks on our faces when the girls saw us they asked what on earth happened and we told them and for the rest of the day that was our joke. we hiked around for another hour then started our trip back home. 

this is were things got bad we had not been driving with fuel economy in mind... by that i mean we were driving 90-100 in a mini van and we soon had our "hey idiots you're out of gas" light come on. suddenly we realized how far it was to Price still. so we prayed that we'd make it the last 30 miles of up hill on our fumes. at fifteen miles we could tell it would be close as the gas light started beeping at us. we got into town and the car died... luckily we could coast right into the gas station. I took this as a sign from God saying I helped you out this time but don't be so retarded in the future. we decided to just get dinner at the subway by the gas station and it was surprisingly good despite the ladies making it being angry old betty's. 

Anyway i had a great time and decided goblin valley is awesome when you go with older people and can explore more extreme places in it :) next time i'll go with just guys so we can really get into it. but the girls we were with did amazing despite andy and I not picking the easiest stuff to do. 

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