Tuesday, July 17, 2012


so i've been in a silly mood today especially this last little bit. i've just been hyper but there isn't anyone around to be hyper with so i'm just kinda internally hyper. It's a huge contrast to how i was feeling in my last post but it's a welcome change. i've been going through some old photos and found one i love i'm not even sure why it just makes me laugh when i see it so i decided to edit it and just make it a little bit better :) I took this when i was out playing with my little bro and he just kept flashing the world and i just think this photo is so like me if that makes sense. Like it's just weird and silly and that's just how i feel most of the time. I really like the composition of this photo as well just interesting. Anyway sorry i don't really have anything worth reading about but enjoy look at an outie bellybutton laugh and smile

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