Friday, August 17, 2012


I think the biggest thing the human species wonders is, what have i accomplished, have i changed the world, and have i done anything truly good. i guess lately i've really been thinking about these and i guess my accomplishments aren't anything out of the ordinary but i'm not really that old so there are alot more to come i hope. I havent really changed the world though i'd like to. But i figure i've still got a lot of time to do that. The one that is really bugging me is have i done anything good.

Now i try to be the best person i can and nice to everyone and i genuinely want to help as many people as i possibly can. but i feel like i really am not very good at it. i feel like i don't help people and people don't want to talk to me and i'm trying but it doesn't really matter. I guess lately i've just been feeling really down and it's effecting everything. I feel like i should continue with these goals but at the same time im worried i'm just hurting everyone i try to help so i feel like i should give up alot. i don't know i just want to help i just don't know how to.

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