Saturday, August 18, 2012

Even at my worst I'm best with you

So despite being stressed out and feeling slightly paranoid about things that i shouldn't be since i know theyre actually really good right now. I'm really happy tonight. i put in my two weeks and am so ready to be done work is just killing me lately and i can't handle it at all. I just am so happy that that is done and thats all i really wanted to say oh wait one more thing this song has been on my mind just cause it's been helping me get through the days cause it makes me think of someone special that i just love with all my heart

Friday, August 17, 2012


I think the biggest thing the human species wonders is, what have i accomplished, have i changed the world, and have i done anything truly good. i guess lately i've really been thinking about these and i guess my accomplishments aren't anything out of the ordinary but i'm not really that old so there are alot more to come i hope. I havent really changed the world though i'd like to. But i figure i've still got a lot of time to do that. The one that is really bugging me is have i done anything good.

Now i try to be the best person i can and nice to everyone and i genuinely want to help as many people as i possibly can. but i feel like i really am not very good at it. i feel like i don't help people and people don't want to talk to me and i'm trying but it doesn't really matter. I guess lately i've just been feeling really down and it's effecting everything. I feel like i should continue with these goals but at the same time im worried i'm just hurting everyone i try to help so i feel like i should give up alot. i don't know i just want to help i just don't know how to.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012


I've really just been thinking a lot lately about the social, and cultural Norms that we follow and that I follow specifically. The two I really mean are that guys don't talk about how they feel and that guys don't cry. The first one i don't follow as closely cause I think it's silly but I do have a hard time with it on occasions I really have  to be feeling internally pressured. But the second I follow religiously there is just so much societal pressure that men do not cry. However lately I don't know that this is a good thing for us to do. The last few days I've just been havin a hard time and I'll get really close to crying but then I just have to push it down and move on. I've always been told its such a great and healthy release and it really make you feel better. I don't think I've ever had a really good cry cause I never feel better after but that's probably cause i don't let it escape. But tonight I've just been so curious and think maybe I should just try it but whenever I get close I stop myself I dont know I guess we'll see what happens

Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Ska, if you don't know what it is i feel bad for you. You should also probably do something about it. What i love about ska is that unlike most genres it's super honest. It straight up just says life is hard things suck most things are out to get you and not many people are here to help you out in anyway. But then it's just like but it doesn't really matter because you can still be happy, the brass section pumps and you just know that yeah everything sucks but you can still go out and have a great time. No matter what is going on in your life there is a ska song that relates to it and can just help you through it. anyway random short post heres a song!