Saturday, July 9, 2011

a blog post

So i don't really know what to write about i just feel like i should cause it's been awhile. So my cousin andy just got back from his mission and tomorrow is his homecoming thing i'm pretty excited but not at the same time it's just a very long drive.
The past three days have been pretty amazing but i don't know they've left me feelin kinda down for some reason. you ever just wish you could freeze time so you could think everything through before you had to choose something? I especially wish i could right now cause i know i have to choose something but i'm not even sure what it is, well i do i just don't know exactly what it is. Sorry that makes absolutely no sense unless you know me and how i describe things which is probably only like 2 people in the whole world. Gah i hate not knowing everything that's stressing me out but today it's alot of unknowns.
I did go on a run and it really helped me clear my head and think things through it was so helpful and helped mend some stupid stuff, i'm glad that parts behind and i'm looking forward to the new beginnings.
You ever get a text and pray that its from someone specific but it never seems to be the one you need to talk to when you need to? haha then you get some that break your heart that you didn't really expect them too. life should come with a map.... though i probably still wouldn't use it.
Well thanks for listening i know i'll blaze a path that makes sense looking back but sadly you have to blaze it looking forward and well i feel lost and confused in the denseness of life haha oh well you only get one might as well embrace the chaos and confusion and call it yours
-sincerely one going no where in particular

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