Saturday, May 26, 2012

"Happy is a heart that still feels pain"

So this song is not my most favorite from this artist in fact it's one of my least favorite, however it has one of my most favorite lines or verse I suppose. This line is the title of this post "Happy is the heart that still feels pain. Darkness drains and light will come again. Open up your heart and let it in, just let the love, love, love begin (come in)" Many people see the happy is the heart that still feels pain line and think of the morbidness that it could imply. However this line to me is much more poetic and romantic. 

Today i had a prime example of how this line is so powerful, My close friend told me some stuff that hurt a lot, while it hurts if you look at it with the guidance of this line it can be a beautiful thing instead of an ugly one. I'll finally explain what I mean, when you get bad news and you feel it in your heart, it means you're still trying your still going strong! While getting bad news hurts it shows you that you still care and you aren't giving up yet so truly you are happy and you're just going through a dark time and you can recognize that. 

That brings us to the next line darkness drains and light will come again. pretty self-explanitory so i'm not going to talk about it. the last line is strategically placed at the end even though it is the instructions for the first two lines. If you cannot open your heart to love/forgiveness/support then you just feel pain and the darkness stays. But when you let the love/forgiveness/support come into your heart you recognize the pain you feel is just a reminder of how much you care, if your heart doesn't feel pain obviously the feeling is gone and you aren't happy. when you see this then it is possible to see the light creeping back in even if it's slowly it comes back. 

I truly believe happy is the heart that still feels pain because it is how you really feel your trust is still there, your love, everything that is good. if the pain is gone you've become cynical, dead, and cold to the things that will make you the happiest. 

I hope this post makes sense, in my mind i can see how this line is so beautiful but i don't know that i have the language skill to express my logic. hopefully i have and this post can help anyone that finds it. sorry for being so sedimental in these last few posts i'm just in that kind of a mood right now. anyway off to bed.

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