Sunday, May 22, 2011

1st entry

so it is currently 1am i figure it's an appropriate time to right my first blog post right? i'm not really sure why i am currently awake.... probably just my secret insomnia or maybe the highly caffeinated beverages i partook of at like 10. I have also discovered how much i love pandora oh my gosh how does it just play music i decide i love? Its just making me want more music that i can't have yet darn. Today or i suppose more accurately yesterday was a great day i spent the majority of it at uvu for a medical conference. anyways i can now check blogging and first blog post off my unwritten bucket list. Good morning and good day faithful readers or the lack there of.

p.s. to the existing or non-existing persons or creature reading these narrations they will get better it's just late or early... not sure which is more correct in this case but yeah just take it as a note they will be better eventually, maybe, someday.

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