Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Teachings of a Three Year Old

    Today has been kind of a hard day, I've just felt like giving up on most everything I was just kind of sick of it all. Like most days I was watching my little 3 year old brother and playing outside with him. We raced some cars down this slope in our sidewalk and played Pirates with some little swords and a vocabulary of "arg" and "captain Jack Sparrow savy". This all made me feel a little bit better and I was taught my first lesson, When you're having a hard time just relax do something silly have fun. So I was feeling kind of better but was still lost in my sad depressed mood. 

          We then walked up to my grandparents to get my sunglasses I'd left there and on the way he fell and scraped his knee. When he had finished crying he said "Braden will you carry me? I don't want to walk anymore." So I scooped him up off the ground where he had fallen and was taught my second lesson, When you are hurt or just can't stand to go anymore ask for a hand and some help. Well we finally got back home and he wanted to ride his lightening McQueen tricycle because he can finally pedal it by himself. He said to me that he wanted to ride it all the way to the top of our neighborhood which is a pretty steep hill for such a lil guy. So we started up and He was doing great but his little legs started to get tired so i'd give him a little push to help him pedal. Just before the top he could hardly go anymore and I asked him if he just wanted to turn around and go back home. This is where he taught me the greatest of the lessons today, he replied to me 
           "No Braden, I just keep pedaling I almost there." Well we made it to the top of the neighborhood and he was exceedingly pleased with his accomplishment as I was with his knowledge and dedication. The Final lesson he taught me was while things are hard and you can hardly go on the end is in sight and all you have to do is "keep pedaling". I'm so grateful to the little guy he really is a blessing from God. He's a little ray of sunshine that just keeps going and stays happy. Thank you Braxton 

-A humbled a grateful older brother

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